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Pupils study the correct rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar. They study the history of English language and literature, learning about how the language has developed and looking at some of the great writers in English. Unlike many schools, we teach literature in chronological order, enabling pupils to better make connections between what they are learning, and to understand the influence of earlier writers on later ones. There are five one-hour English lessons per week. We believe that analysis allows pupils to make connections between their knowledge of the context, plot, characters, vocabulary, quotations, techniques and audience. We also believe that drilling grammar, learning rhetoric and memorising poetry by heart has a powerful impact on our pupils’ lives.

Pupils with low reading ages follow an intensive programme of synthetic phonics.

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Ms Lia Martin, Head of English

“The magic of English is that it broadens our horizons, taking us to distant lands and great minds in the past. We travel from ancient civilisations Greece and Rome, to the freedom struggle in India and Africa. We study the voyages of Odysseus, the assassination of Julius Caesar and the speeches of Nelson Mandela. With fascinating characters and mysteries, these are exciting stories to be remembered forever.”

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