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At Michaela pupils in Years 7 to 9 do one and a half hours of homework per night Monday to Friday. They read their library book every night (30 minutes), complete a daily entry in their practice book (30 minutes), and revise maths on uk.IXL.com daily (30 minutes).
Many pupils do in excess of these daily basic requirements. We reward hard work with merits, praise in assembly and postcards and phone calls home.


All pupils are expected to have a book from the Michaela library, which they should read for at least 30 minutes each evening. Whilst we do not test pupils to check to see if they have done their reading each day, we strongly encourage parents to remind their children of the importance of reading daily. Reading is an important habit that will help your child to become successful. Studies show that pupils who do not read daily are less likely to achieve the best grades at GCSE, A levels and beyond, and are less likely to access the best job opportunities in the future. Pupils must read a book from the Michaela library. Other books are not allowed in school unless agreed in advance with a senior member of staff.


All pupils have a login to uk.IXL.com and have been shown how to access the website. Every day, they are given a topic to work on that evening. They must answer at least 30 questions on the topic correctly, and must write their workings on a piece of graph paper, which will be provided to them by their maths teacher. You can read a more detailed explanation of IXL homework here.
The school computer rooms remain open and are supervised until 5pm Monday to Thursday (until 4pm on Fridays) in order to help pupils complete their homework.

Self-Quizzing in Practice Books

Pupils complete a minimum of one page in their practice books each day according to the following schedule:

Year Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7 English Humanities Science French Maths
8 Humanities English French Maths Science / Art / Music
9 French Science History English Religion

Pupils must not leave any gaps in the page of self-quizzing, and must check carefully for errors in green pen. (Please note that green pen is not necessary for French). To optimise the effectiveness of self-quizzing, pupils must write out knowledge from memory and must not copy.

On bank holiday weekends pupils return to school on the Tuesday having completed entries in their practice book for both maths and English/Humanities over the weekend. Pupils complete a minimum of 30 minutes maths revision each weekend, including bank holiday weekends.

Holiday Homework

Over half term holidays and Christmas and Easter breaks, pupils must:

• Complete 40 A5 pages of self-quizzing in their practice books.
A failure to complete the minimum required holiday homework will result in a Saturday Detention.
It is essential that families support their children with their homework. Here are seven steps that families must take to support their child.
1. Check your child’s practice book entries daily to confirm that a minimum of two pages have been completed carefully and legibly.
2. Orally test your child on the content of their “Knowledge Folder” daily.
3. Ensure that your child reads daily for a minimum of 30 minutes when at home. Where possible, read with them out loud.
4. Ensure that your child completes a minimum of 30 minutes maths revision daily.
5. Provide a calm quiet space to complete homework, free from distractions such as TV, mobile phones or the internet.
6. Ensure that your child is asleep by 9.30pm and that they have no access to electronic equipment in their bedroom.