Michaela Community School | Naveen Rizvi, Maths teacher
Michaela Community School, Wembley

Naveen’s first impressions


I started Michaela in September 2015 and only after the first five months I see myself teaching Mathematics here for the foreseeable future. It is a school where teachers teach and children learn. It is a school where teachers can do their job to the best of their ability because the children are disciplined, SLT are organised and appreciative of their staff, and teachers are given the space and time to develop professionally.

We develop subject knowledge and teach high quality lessons from a knowledge-led curriculum. Only after a few months I am astounded how much my subject knowledge has developed in both subjects, and the resources I have made are of a quality which I could never have imagined I could make.

Staff culture here is so positive that it allows teachers to develop individually and within a team. Your thoughts, opinions, and aspirations are a priority for your surrounding colleagues. I know that if I have an initiative to implement in the school what I have to say will be heard, appreciated and acted on given that its outcomes contribute to the further development of the school, staff and pupils.

Joining Michaela does require a whole hearted commitment to embody the school’s values. Essentially, you need to buy in, because when you do the kids do too. If your standards are Michaela standards then the pupils will meet Michaela standards. I had to go through a huge change in mindset which is difficult because our systems are different and structured, but you are supported through it by all members of staff. Come and join us for lunch. Meet our staff and our wonderful and kind pupils.