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Meet our teaching staff!

04 Mar 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

We have selected the highest calibre of teaching staff for our school. Our Senior Leadership Team is now appointed and our team of teachers is almost complete.

Our Heads of Music and Art will be appointed over the next few weeks and our first Year 7 pupils and their families will meet the team at our Welcome Event in June.

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Funding Agreement confirmed

25 Feb 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

“I am very pleased to confirm that the Secretary of State has agreed to enter into a funding agreement with the Michaela Community School Trust… I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the great commitment and energy which you and your colleagues have shown in reaching this point… Free schools form an integral part of the Government’s education policy to improve choice and drive up standards in schools. I am therefore delighted that Michaela Community School will bring new opportunities for children in Brent… I wish you all the best with the school’s opening in September 2014 and in the future.”
Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools

These are the magic words we received from the Government yesterday afternoon. The signing of the Funding Agreement represents a major milestone for all free schools. It is the official rubber stamp of confidence in our school and allows us to make formal offers to pupils, sign formal contracts with our teachers and begin the procurement of goods and services ready for opening in September.

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Our waiting list opens on 3rd March

20 Feb 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Even if you have not yet applied for a Year 7 place at Michaela, there’s still a chance your child could be offered a place.

To be added to our waiting list, please contact Brent School Admissions Service by phone on 020 8937 3110 or by email at school.admissions@brent.gov.uk after 3rd March.

You will need to contact Brent School Admissions Service to join our waiting list even if you live outside Brent. 

The closing date for the second round of offers is 27th March, and any available places will be allocated on 31st March. Several more offer rounds will take place before September.

It is normal practice in schools that some places can become available as people’s circumstances change and families relocate. It is therefore likely that some of our waiting list applicants will eventually be offered a place at Michaela. Applicants who join the waiting list now and live within a five mile radius of Arena House in Wembley Park have an equal chance of gaining a place as those children who are already on the waiting list. This is because there are several rounds of random allocation between now and September.

Our Welcome Day, when we will invite our first Year 7 pupils and their families to meet the teachers and find out about the great progress that has been made, is not planned until June, so you won’t miss out!

Might any of your friends be interested in their child accessing an excellent education that prizes knowledge and tradition? Let them know that it’s not too late!

You can find out more about Michaela by calling 0845 257 5070 or by emailing info@mcsbrent.co.uk.

We are unable to add you to our waiting list as this is being handled by Brent School Admissions Service but if you would like to get in touch with us about our waiting list, please email us at waitinglist@mcsbrent.co.uk.

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Planning permission granted!

06 Feb 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Planning permission for the staircase and lift core was granted last month and our school building, Arena House in North End Road, will be completely refurbished and refitted over the coming months with state-of-the-art facilities.

Artists impression, subject to further design development, Funding Agreement and planning approval. © 2013 Bond Bryan Architects.

Artists impression, subject to further design development.                © 2013 Bond Bryan Architects.

The contractors are now preparing to make this fantastic visual a reality and a great deal of work is being carried out behind the scenes: ICT consultants have been appointed to build our bespoke, cutting-edge ICT system, the configuration of the Science labs, Art, Music and general teaching rooms is currently being finalised and decisions have already been made on furniture and fittings.

Whilst the refurbishment of the entire building is scheduled to be completed by early 2015, from September 2014 we will have the use of a substantial portion of the site with all the necessary facilities and resources to enhance the education of our first Year 7 pupils; in our first year at Michaela we will only have 120 pupils and eight teachers, and it has always been our intention to limit our use of the building to the lower floors, with the upper levels opening as the school grows.

The architects, project managers and building contractors responsible for creating our school have successfully completed many school building projects and the Education Funding Agency is involved every step of the way to ensure that we are ready to welcome our first pupils in September.

Read more about our school building here.

How could Michaela meet your needs?

05 Feb 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

We are inviting members of the local community to give their suggestions on how they would like to see Michaela serve its community.

Katharine Birbalsingh, Headmistress Designate, explains: “With just one month to go before the allocation of secondary school places, we are laying firm foundations for our school and beginning to shape it for the future. In addition to providing the children of Brent with an excellent education that prizes knowledge and tradition, a core part of Michaela’s ethos is community engagement, which will benefit our pupils as well as the wider community.

The school building, Arena House in North End Road, Wembley Park, will be completely refurbished and refitted with state-of-the-art facilities over the coming months. Ms Birbalsingh adds: “The amount of space and quality of resources we will be able to offer the community will provide a wealth of opportunities which we hope will complement the existing facilities in the local area. Many parents and other members of the community have already become involved in Michaela in various ways and their continued support will help ensure that Michaela becomes a valuable amenity for the people who live in the area.”

We are inviting local residents, schools, clubs and community groups to share their ideas on how they would like to see Michaela meet local needs. We would also like to hear from local extra-curricular providers who are interested in complementing the wide variety of enrichment activities that will be on offer to our pupils as part of the extended school day. Please email us at info@mcsbrent.co.uk or call the message line on 0845 257 5070.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Katharine Birbalsingh talks about discipline

03 Feb 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

At Michaela, we will set high standards for learning and behaviour. The first five days at school in Year 7 will be dedicated to teaching positive behaviour and settling children into their new routine so that each child understands what is expected of them when both inside and outside our school.

On yesterday’s BBC News, Michaela’s Headmistress Designate, Katharine Birbalsingh explained: “What makes for good discipline are excellent systems, routines and consistency. The main thing that keeps children behaving properly is not just the punishment: it’s the ethos and culture of the school you establish precisely by having those routines and that consistency. The Head and Senior Leadership Team need to support their staff in the classroom to ensure whole-school, consistent application of rules.”

You may have also heard Katharine talk about discipline on yesterday’s Sky News, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Click here to listen to Katharine on BBC Radio 5 Live. You will need to drag the progress bar to 02:11:00.

Read the BBC’s article: Teachers urged to ‘get tough’ on bad behaviour


The key to success – ‘grit’

20 Dec 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Children at Michaela will achieve great things through hard work and perseverance.

Watch this short video to see how ‘grit’ is a better indicator of success than factors such as IQ or family income:

The key to success






Michaela on ITV News

15 Dec 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

At Michaela, we will set and expect high standards of behaviour from all our pupils.

This week Michaela’s Headmistress Designate, Katharine Birbalsingh, spoke on ITV News in response to Ofsted’s annual report which identified a culture of ‘casual acceptance’ by teachers of ‘low-level disruption’ and poor attitudes to learning in England as being among a series of factors driving our country’s schools down the international education tables.

Michaela on ITV News 11.12.13

Michaela on ITV News 11.12.13









Teachers ‘tolerating misbehaviour’ in schools, warns Ofsted chief

View our brand new prospectus!

04 Dec 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

You can now discover even more about Michaela.

Take a look at our brand new prospectus and find out about:

  • why our school is called ‘Michaela’
  • our curriculum
  • how we will track your child’s progress
  • the extended school day
  • our strong family ethos
  • our reward system
  • pupil FAQs
  • learning support and EAL
  • our school building
  • admissions

Please click here to view our prospectus.