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The importance of respecting teachers



The Michaela teachers wrote a book!

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Michaela GCSE Results Day 2019



The Michaela Sixth Form is now open!

Michaela 6th continues the school’s tradition of academic excellence, high standards and exceptional outcomes for students. For September 2021, we are looking for applicants who aspire to get into Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities in the UK and across the world.

Missed the open evening? Don’t worry! Email mcs6visit@mcsbrent.co.uk and book a personalised tour of the school and Sixth Form.

You can find out more about the Sixth Form at www.michaela6th.co.uk. We look forward to seeing you there.___________________

Michaela makes brick phones fashionable again!

Broadcast 07/02/19 – The BBC visit Michaela Community School to find out more about our Digital Detox Smartphone Amnesty, and discounted Brick Phone initiative.



Michaela free school founder Katharine Birbalsingh warns smartphone addiction is stopping pupils from revising for GCSEs – read the full article here. 

Katharine Birbalsingh explains how Smartphones put children at risk and should be banned outright in every school – read the full article here.

The importance of homework

Broadcast 30/05/19 – Headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh appears on Good Morning Britain to discuss the importance of schools setting the right type of homework.

Fun video where we celebrate Michaela’s Fourth Birthday!




Read our Outstanding Ofsted 2017 report here:


Quotes from our families:


Couldn’t be more happy and relaxed about my choice as Michaela as first on my application list last year – can’t wait for my son to join his sister at Michaela next year! Michaela is UNIQUE we’re so lucky to have the Michaela team in Brent! Thank you to all the Michaela team.

My son was one of the students that started today at Michaela and the first thing he said when he got home was, Mum my school is epic, that’s what every parent wants to hear.

My daughter is happy at Michaela. She loves the teachers and also her manners are improving a lot. I can see the fruits of the school on her. Thank you to the all teachers. Well done.

My son is happy and well at Michaela, he loves the teachersthank you to all the teachers for the great work! Keep it up.

It’s nice to see all the children in the mornings eager to be in on timeIt’s great to see my children committed to improving themselves.

Thank you to all the Michaela Team for the great motivation and inspiration you are instilling in our children.

I want to thank you for all that you have done with the kids. My daughter is much more respectful to me and the way she talks to me is so polite. She loves the school and she has become so confident. She’s improving a lot.

Dad and I are so happy with our son. We feel he has changed in many ways. He is so kind and respectful. Gives no more back-chat and is a delight to have at home. He comes home talking about things he has learned at school and speaking French!!”


Michaela in the Press

Telegraph – 17.10.19: More than half of state school pupils failing to achieve ‘strong pass’ in English and maths GCSEs – Michaela Community School came fifth in England on the Government’s progress measure