Michaela Community School, Wembley

Ms Sharma’s first impressions

Working at Michaela empowers me to be really tight on the tiny things. The focus elsewhere might be predominately on ‘bigger’ issues of behaviour – and keeping pupils engaged. However, the fact that pupils at Michaela are well behaved, means that I am able to spend my time and energy instead on fine tuning my teaching practice. Being able to concentrate on the small specifics and the detailed intricacies of teaching and learning, inevitably gives more freedom and autonomy to the teachers.

When I first joined the school, a friend and former colleague showed her concern by commenting: “But you love being silly and fun with the children – how will you be able to do this at Michaela?” The answer to this is – that I absolutely can! Just like at any other school, once the pupils like you and you have gained their respect – you can really show them your personality. The added benefit here is that the pupils can be trusted not to use this as opportunity to misbehave, but as a way to enjoy their learning experience even more.

If anything, Michaela allows me to show off who I am to the kids even more and you can really joke around because you know they aren’t going to take advantage.