A Levels

High achievers who are extremely determined and want the coaching and support to get to the best universities in the world should look no further than Michaela Sixth Form.

At Michaela, students meet other like-minded, talented and ambitious young people with a drive for excellence. We have achieved some of the best A Level results across London – our challenging and creative learning environment pushes our students to be their very best. Our students aspire to places at the very best universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League.

Focusing on our strengths, reaping the rewards

At Michaela, we only offer academic A Levels that are highly respected by the best universities (including the Russell Group and Ivy League) and the most prestigious professions. We specialise in what we know well: academic pursuits. Our range of courses means that our A Level students have every chance of obtaining top results. When our sixth form students leave Michaela, they will have all doors open to them, allowing them to be anything they want to be.