The English curriculum at Michaela has been carefully designed in order to take pupils on an unforgettable journey through inspirational texts which continue to shape our understanding of the society in which we live. Our pupils’ experience of English begins with a tour of the incredible heroes and terrifying monsters of the Greek myths, empowering them to unlock the meaning of so many texts they will encounter later in their curriculum. The thrilling adventures of Bilbo Baggins, the terrifying control of Squealer, and the heart-breaking vulnerability of Oliver Twist are just some of the tales they go on to encounter as they progress through KS3. Pupils also have the opportunity to study one Shakespearean text every year, starting with the political conflict in Julius Caesar in Year 7 and ending with the power-hungry Macbeth at GCSE. Pupils also explore how language, structure and form can be used in poetry to convey the most powerful human emotions, from an appreciation of nature and loved ones to the harrowing reality of trench warfare in World War One.

As well as developing an appreciation for literature, the English curriculum at Michaela also focuses on pupils’ mastery of the written word and adapting their writing to suit specific contexts. Both their ability to create their own narrative and their confidence in producing non-fiction texts is developed through their exposure to a wide range of stories, articles, letters and speeches which inform their understanding of how to create subtlety and nuance in their own writing. Pupils are also explicitly taught the rules of correct grammar and punctuation in order to express their ideas accurately.

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