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Extra-curricular Clubs

At Michaela we offer a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Art Club – Pupils who are keen artists are able to explore an extended range of media, producing both skillful and original artworks.

Chess Club – The game of chess has fascinated and frustrated for millennia. Chess Club is open to anyone from absolute beginner to grand master. Pupils will learn both the basics of the game and tactics and strategies to compete with anyone who may challenge them.

Creative Writing Club – Michaela’s Creative Writing Club gives pupils the opportunity to explore the craft, hone their innovative ideas and structure them with impact. From crime fiction to poetry, a range of genres are investigated throughout the year.

French Film Club – French Film Club is offered to all year groups. Pupils watch a film in French with English subtitles. It is an excellent opportunity for pupils to enhance their listening skills and understanding in French, and it’s fun too!

 Hegarty Maths & Times Tables Rock Stars – Those pupils who are keen on sharpening up their maths skills have up to an hour every day after school in the Maths computer club. Pupils enjoy out competing each other with their times tables and in the number of topics they have completed on Hegarty Maths.

Mathletes Main Group – The Mathletes Main Group is for anyone who loves Maths. In the group pupils will have a chance to look at lots of challenging Maths puzzle and get plenty of preparation for the Junior Maths Challenge. On top of this, they will have the chance pit their wits against some of Britain’s greatest code-breakers by taking part in the weekly GCHQ puzzle.

Mathletes Elite Group – The Mathletes Elite Group is for anyone who is looking to really push themselves mathematically. In the group, pupils will have the chance to learn about Maths topics that do not feature on the normal GCSE curriculum, along with preparing themselves for the Intermediate Maths Challenge. On top of this, pupils will look at how to hone their logic by

Reading Club – For pupils who love reading but who struggle in this area, after school every day, there is an extra reading club with 30 minutes of reading aloud with a teacher.

Music Groups –
Chamber choir – Michaela’s elite training group for singers. Twice a week pupils are given small group tuition in proper singing technique and choral practice, working on high quality and technically challenging music. The chamber choir is an opportunity for all pupils to learn the art of performance regardless of instrumental tuition, and is an excellent gateway to GCSE music. 

Flute choir – One of the joys of learning an instrument is making music together. Every Thursday after school is a chance for the Michaela’s flute pupils to come together and make sweet music!

Guitar ensemble – It’s not just the flautists who have the opportunity to hone their ensemble skills. Being part of guitar ensemble bring Michaela’s guitar pupils together to practice their listening and musical awareness, as well as getting their fingers around some challenging music.

Instrumental ensemble – Once a term Michaela’s instrumentalists come together as a full 30-piece ensemble. The ensemble practices in individual lessons, sectionals and full rehearsals after-school to prepare for a termly performance of an important classical work. In the past these have included Bizet’s Carmen and Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.

Parents should remember that because school ends at 4pm, after school activities finish at 5pm.