Becky Staw, French teacher
Michaela Community School, Wembley

Ms Staw’s first impressions

When I first visited Michaela I was astonished by how polite and well-behaved the pupils were and by the depth and breadth of their knowledge. I started teaching here in April 2017 and I’m loving every minute. Every day and every lesson are a joy at Michaela!

Starting to teach here has certainly been hard work – there are a so many different routines to get used to and duties keep me busy from 7:30am to after 4pm. Learning to teach French “the Michaela way” also represented a huge change but the progress the pupils make and their enthusiasm in lessons make all the efforts worthwhile. Michaela’s unique methods mean that pupils are able to retain what they learn, building a foundation in each of their subjects which helps them consolidate and add to their knowledge lesson after lesson, year after year.

One of the things I love most about being at Michaela is that every day everyone strives to be their best. Pupils embrace the high expectations and work hard, knowing that this will secure them a better future. The calibre of teaching staff means that we support each other to be the best teachers we can be. We are constantly refining our methods, both in departments and as a school. It’s incredibly exciting to work in such a stimulating environment and to put these ideas into practice in the classroom.

It truly is a privilege to work at Michaela, with such an incredible staff body and wonderful pupils. I would definitely encourage anyone, within education or not, to visit and see for themselves what young people are capable of.