Michaela Community School | General information
Michaela Community School, Wembley

Term Dates

Please view or download a PDF of all our term & holiday dates 2018-19 here 

Please view or download a PDF of all our term & holiday dates 2019-20 here

School Day

Start of school day : 7:55am sharp – Gates open from 7:45am

End of school day is a staggered dismissal:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  – 3:05pm – 3:15pm

Friday – 2:10pm – 2:20 pm

Times of Day

7.45amGates Open
7.55am - 8.15amForm time or Assembly
8.15am - 9.10amPeriod 1
9.10am - 10.05amPeriod 2
10.05am - 10.20amBreak
10.20am - 11.15amPeriod 3
11.15am - 12.10pmPeriod 4
12.10pm - 1.00pmLunch
1.00pm - 1.55pmPeriod 5
1.55pm - 2.50pmPeriod 6
2.50pm - 3.15pmForm time
3.15pmEnd of day and after school clubs

Reporting Absences

Absence Line: 020 8795 3183
Please call to report absence before 7.45am


We organise 2 trips a year, at the end of the Spring Term in March and the end of  the Summer Term in July.  Dates and details will be sent to parents via email and through the Michaela App.  A letter will also be sent home with pupils.

Hair Styles and Facial Hair

Hair must be in be in a conventional style. Examples of unacceptable styles for both boys and girls include: patterns shaved into a pupil’s hair or eyebrows, Mohicans and hair dyed unnatural colours. Boys’ hair must no longer than collar length.

Hair styles that grow out instead of down, and therefore do not touch the collar, must look professional. Hair should not be teased, backcombed or be covered in excessive product.

The following are unacceptable: high fashion flamboyant hair styles, styles that block the view of others in any way, hair that hides the face, heavy floppy styles, extensions that are flamboyant or in unnatural colours.

Boys often go for a high top style where the sides are shaven and the top is much longer. They often go for squared off styles. They sometimes go for styles with a multitude of lengths and layers. They sometimes go for heavy, floppy styles or large quiffs. These are all high fashion styles that are not allowed. The top must be kept reasonably short and the difference in length between the top and the sides should not be in sharp contrast. Styles need to be faded in very gradually. Shaven sides and back cannot be topped with a sharply contrasting, noticeably longer, cut on the top of the head.

Girls sometimes attempt to add unacceptable extensions that are flamboyant and inappropriate for school. The school’s decision is final as to what is acceptable. As a general rule we want hairstyles to be very understated. We do not accept styles where buns or pony tails are on the top of a girl’s head. This restricts the view of other pupils in class. Similarly large bunches are not allowed for the same reason. When at school styles should be simple and not distract others.

Hair bands or slides should be completely plain in navy blue or black. Bows, flowers or other adornments are not permitted.

Parents should not allow their child to go to the hairdresser’s or barber’s unaccompanied. Hairdressers and barbers can be prone to give a style that they think is acceptable for the school but which is not acceptable for Michaela.

The school will insist that hair is restyled if it fails to meet school standards. In such a case the pupil in question will be placed in isolation until the issue is rectified to the school’s satisfaction.

If a pupil attends school with a pattern shaved into their eyebrow, they will be banned from attending school until it grows back fully or we will insist that the entire eyebrow is shaved off. No patterns may be shaved into hair. This includes the creation of an artificial parting.

We can’t list every possible variation in hair style. This is merely a guide. If you have a doubt as to a style’s acceptability then the style is probably not acceptable. Please do contact us to make sure.

Boys must also be clean shaven. Some boys as young as eleven may need to start shaving. We do not allow facial hair at school. We do not enter into discussion on this point. If your son has been told to shave he must shave without delay.

The photos below are examples of unacceptable haircuts for boys and should help parents when visiting the barber. If children come to school with an unacceptable hairstyle they will be placed into isolation. Obviously we cannot list every new fashion that comes along but we do need families to work with us. This means that haircuts should remain conventional. If in doubt a no.2 haircut all over is an easy and safe option.
Uniform Haircuts

Shoes at Michaela School

School shoes should be black, flat and logo-free. Trainers, boots, including ankle boots, suede and logos are not allowed at school, nor are Kickers branded shoes. Shoes that are considered to be trainer-like in appearance are not allowed. As a general rule more than one Velcro fastener or the toe of the shoe styled in sections, as is very common with trainers, is unlikely to be acceptable. To avoid all confusion families should stick as closely as possible to the shoe styles shown on our website. The school has the final decision on what constitutes “trainer-like” shoes.

Clarks branded shoes are acceptable. The branding must, nevertheless, remain subtle. If in doubt please contact the school. We do accept patent leather or leather look shoes but we do not accept patterns or overly elaborate buckles or other embellishments. Families should always stick as closely as possible to the shoe designs shown on our website. If the school finds a shoe inappropriate for school the school’s decision is final.

Black trainers are the only colour of trainer which we accept for sport days. They should be all black with no logos, or logos which are black and very difficult to see. We want to discourage pupils feeling pressure to have expensive trainers, as well as ensuring pupils look smart in lessons even on sport days.

Below are some examples of appropriate shoes and sports trainers.

IMG girls 1 2 copy

IMG_2912 copy

IMG_2910 copy

IMG_2908 copy

Below are examples of acceptable trainers for sport.

Physical Education

Sport at Michaela

All pupils are expected to do PE at Michaela every week. The only exceptions will be for genuine medical reasons.

Please ensure that your child comes to school with their full sports kit. Please also ensure that all items of sports kit are labelled. At the very least families should mark items with the child’s initials. A permanent marker pen can be used to mark initials on the inside of trainers and on the yellow section of the school football socks. Pupils should also bring a Michaela water bottle to school on PE days. This too should be clearly marked with the child’s initials using a permanent market pen.

Pupils who fail to bring their PE kit will stay at school where they will do extra work. These pupils will also do a detention after school on the same day for 30 minutes. Currently this would be Tuesday for Year 7, Wednesday for Year 8 and Thursday for Year 9. Repeat offenders will also be placed in lunch time detention on Friday. If sport is cancelled for any reason, we will notify parents via email and the Michaela app.

Pupils who are fasting are not expected to participate in PE lessons if they choose. If they choose not to participate in PE lessons they will remain in school to carry out additional revision. If fasting pupils do choose to take part in PE lessons, they should notify a member of staff immediately if they feel that the physical activity is too strenuous.

Family Lunch

We are a vegetarian school. All pupils attend family lunch daily. There are no exceptions. There are no packed lunches at Michaela. No food or drink is to be brought on to the school site. This includes all sweets, snacks, drinks and chewing gum. The school provides a morning snack for all pupils as well as a two course lunch.

Pupils sit at allocated tables of seven for lunch. Each table is led by an adult or a pupil who has been awarded the status of “Future Leader”. Each pupil has their own specified role at lunch. Each day a topic for discussion is set. Each day we celebrate acts of kindness as a whole school community. At the end of family lunch pupils have around thirty minutes in which they may do homework or spend some time socialising in the school yard.

At all times pupils are closely supervised by adults. This helps foster our central message that pupils should be kind to others. This also helps ensure that bullying does not occur.

Family lunch is squarely focused upon building strong common values and a sense of school community. We pride ourselves on being a school with strong morals at our core. Family lunch, where all pupils come together for the duration, is a key part of this moral focus. We rigorously endeavour to avoid any potential for sectarianism in school. Instead we actively create systems which ensure all pupils, regardless of race or religion, mix fully throughout the school day.

Payments for Lunch & Snacks

As of May 2015 the cost of lunch and daily snacks is £2.50 per day, £12.50 per week, £75.00 per 6 week period. Families must pay for lunch and snacks in half-termly instalments to reach the school by the start of each new half term.

Your payment schedule for school lunches is as follows:

• Half Term 1 – 1st September 2017
• Half Term 2 – 1st November 2017
• Half Term 3 – 3rd January 2018
• Half Term 4 – 1st March 2018
• Half Term 5 – 16th April 2018
• Half Term 6 – 4th June 2018

To make a payment, please visit Parentpay.

Please call the office on 0208 795 3183 if you experience any difficulties making payments.

We have worked with ParentPay to give you the option of paying instalments ahead of each deadline. Therefore, you may wish to consider a budgeting plan. For example, paying £10 into your ParentPay account on a weekly basis as long as the full amount is paid by the deadline.

Kindly note:
1. Families of Year 7 pupils pay £73 before each of the dates shown.
2. Families of Year 8, 9 &10 pupils pay £70 before each of the dates shown.
3. Payments must be made online via the ParentPay website: www.parentpay.com
4. It is very important that families pay promptly.
5. If you have any technical difficulties please contact the school.

Free School Meals

We keep free school meal application forms at school and will gladly pass one of these application forms to your child upon request.  However, the easiest way to ensure that your free school meal application is processed quickly is to contact Brent via their website:


If families have a free school meal application pending they must still pay for lunch and snacks in advance. If the free school meal application is agreed, over payment will be reimbursed.

Families are able to check their eligibility using the London Grid for Learning Free School Meals Eligibility Checker.  If eligible, please provide the school with the awarded certificate in support of your free school meals application.

Performance Tables

Find out more about Michaela by viewing our page on the Department for Education’s Performance Tables Website here: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/140862

Recognising Extremism

Parents who are concerned their child might be a victim of radicalisation are advised to watch this video.

Further information

If you would require any further information on the above or would like a paper copy of any of the information on our website, please email Ms Squire at info@mcsbrent.co.uk