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Hair Styles

Hair Styles and Facial Hair

Hair must be in be in a conventional style. Examples of unacceptable styles for both boys and girls include: patterns shaved into a pupil’s hair or eyebrows, Mohicans and hair dyed unnatural colours. Boys’ hair must no longer than collar length.

Hair styles that grow out instead of down, and therefore do not touch the collar, must look professional. Hair should not be teased, backcombed or be covered in excessive product.

The following are unacceptable: high fashion flamboyant hair styles, styles that block the view of others in any way, hair that hides the face, heavy floppy styles, extensions that are flamboyant or in unnatural colours.

Boys often go for a high top style where the sides are shaven and the top is much longer. They often go for squared off styles. They sometimes go for styles with a multitude of lengths and layers. They sometimes go for heavy, floppy styles or large quiffs. These are all high fashion styles that are not allowed. The top must be kept reasonably short and the difference in length between the top and the sides should not be in sharp contrast. Styles need to be faded in very gradually. Shaven sides and back cannot be topped with a sharply contrasting, noticeably longer, cut on the top of the head.

Girls sometimes attempt to add unacceptable extensions that are flamboyant and inappropriate for school. The school’s decision is final as to what is acceptable. As a general rule we want hairstyles to be very understated. We do not accept styles where buns or pony tails are on the top of a girl’s head. This restricts the view of other pupils in class. Similarly large bunches are not allowed for the same reason. When at school styles should be simple and not distract others.

Hair bands or slides should be completely plain in navy blue or black. Bows, flowers or other adornments are not permitted.

Parents should not allow their child to go to the hairdresser’s or barber’s unaccompanied. Hairdressers and barbers can be prone to give a style that they think is acceptable for the school but which is not acceptable for Michaela.

The school will insist that hair is restyled if it fails to meet school standards. In such a case the pupil in question will be placed in isolation until the issue is rectified to the school’s satisfaction.

If a pupil attends school with a pattern shaved into their eyebrow, they will be banned from attending school until it grows back fully or we will insist that the entire eyebrow is shaved off. No patterns may be shaved into hair. This includes the creation of an artificial parting.

We can’t list every possible variation in hair style. This is merely a guide. If you have a doubt as to a style’s acceptability then the style is probably not acceptable. Please do contact us to make sure.

Boys must also be clean shaven. Some boys as young as eleven may need to start shaving. We do not allow facial hair at school. We do not enter into discussion on this point. If your son has been told to shave he must shave without delay.

The photos below are examples of unacceptable haircuts for boys and should help parents when visiting the barber. If children come to school with an unacceptable hairstyle they will be placed into isolation. Obviously we cannot list every new fashion that comes along but we do need families to work with us. This means that haircuts should remain conventional. . If in doubt a no.2 haircut all over is an easy and safe option.

Uniform Haircuts