A welcome to Michaela Sixth Form from Headmistress, Katharine Birbalsingh

I am delighted to welcome you to Michaela Sixth, London’s most exciting new academic sixth form.

Michaela is the ideal stepping stone to university. In 1991, I went to the University of Oxford. When I look back, I know I could have been better prepared for the experiences that lay ahead.

Teachers at Michaela know what is required to make the most of one’s time at university. They also know precisely what it takes to get accepted. We’ve been to Oxbridge, other Russell Group and Ivy League universities and we know how to bridge that gap state school students can feel when they go on to university.

For current Michaela students, we know what each student needs because we really know them. Michaela is their next stage – allowing us to support them to reach for the very best and achieve the highest A Level results.

For those who haven’t grown up the Michaela way, our selective sixth form offers an opportunity for those who are academically gifted enough to get in. They can perfect their learning surrounded by other ambitious individuals spurring each other on to go beyond their potential.

Ofsted rated Michaela Outstanding in all categories in May 2017. Teachers from across the world visit Michaela daily to learn from our methods. Michaela Sixth Form is one of a kind, and aims to be the very best sixth form for getting students into prestigious universities (Russell Group including Oxbridge, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and MIT) whatever their background.

If hard work, determination and ambition are what you are looking for in a sixth form, then Michaela is for you!

At Michaela, the sky is the limit.

Katharine Birbalsingh, Headmistress