Jake Plastow-Chason, Science teacher
Michaela Community School, Wembley

Mr Plastow’s first impressions

During my first visit to Michaela I was astonished by the breadth of scientific knowledge that pupils had accumulated in such a relatively small amount of time. Since working at Michaela I have continued to be blown-away at the exemplary curricula across all subjects, delivered by some of the best teachers I have met.

The teaching techniques at Michaela took some getting used to, but now that I have fully immersed myself in them, I can truly see the benefits. I am able to teach pupils more than I had ever thought possible and crucially, they are able to retain and apply it. There is nothing more satisfying than having every lesson I teach result in significant progress for the pupils and myself.

The culture surrounding Michaela is unique. All of my colleagues love their jobs and this results in not only a positive environment, but a place where I can develop my career effectively and efficiently. The leadership team is very strong, hands-on and pragmatic, which I really respect. The pupils are engaged, full of character and academically astounding. This combination makes Michaela something extraordinary! I would definitely encourage anybody to visit.