Jessica Lund, MFL teacher
Michaela Community School, Wembley

Ms Lund’s first impressions


The first half term was challenging. Learning the new routines, new way of teaching and – I think most crucially – the much higher expectations. But teaching has been much, much easier as a result.

The sense of teamwork and support from colleagues makes working here a great pleasure. I have also really appreciated the support from senior team, as well as being held to a high standard by them.

The sense of order and calm is, and remains, palpable. This is very different from any other school I know, and particularly different from the new free school I worked at before. There, we were swans paddling frantically; here, behind-the-scenes is just as pleasant and ordered as the daily life of the school.

Leadership is strong and consistent. There is great clarity of expectation. Learning (or unlearning) how to teach is hard, but worth it. The sooner you start (I started to use Michaela methods in my school a term before I came here) the better.