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JLMFL – Teach French à Michaela

19 Sep 2017, Posted by admin in Michaela's Blog

Teach French à Michaela

We’re looking for an amazing French teacher.

Here’s some of what we do:

  1. The highest expectations of what pupils can – and do – achieve.
  2. The highest expectations of ourselves as teachers.
  3. Beautiful accents, exceptional pronunciation, fantastic range of knowledge.
  4. Lots of reading out loud, lots of questions, lots of translation.
  5. Unashamed teacher expertise and pride in our knowledge.
  6. Outstanding behaviour, allowing us to have great fun in lessons.
  7. Centralised resourcing, allowing you to focus 100% on your teaching.
  8. Great attention paid to minimising workload and maximising efficiency.
  9. Support in spades on an individual, department and whole-school level.
  10. Enormous amounts of love – of the kids, our subject and our school.

Here’s some of what we don’t do:

  1. Games, gimmicks, fads, learning styles, miming…
  2. Marking – we do whole class feedback, 15 minutes per class per week.
  3. Pictures – everything we do links to the written and spoken word.
  4. Individual or department detentions – it’s all centralised.
  5. Graded lesson observations, performance-related pay or targets.
  6. Anything that costs more in effort than we get in learning return.
  7. Bureaucracy and admin (at least, it is kept to the barest minimum!)
  8. Regular working at evenings and weekends.
  9. And…
  10. That’s all I can think of for now!

If you want to teach in a no-nonsense, equally challenging and supportive, joyful environment; with kids who know a lot and want to learn and arrive at every lesson ready to learn; with staff who work hard to be the best but have time to have a life outside of school, even during term time…


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