At Michaela, the French curriculum has been designed to give pupils a strong foundation in KS3 to secure the key skills and knowledge which will allow them to be successful at GCSE and beyond.

From the beginning of Year 7, we place a heavy focus on phonics to that pupils become confident speakers. Because of our high standards for pronunciation, our pupils love their lessons and feel great about how French they sound! Early on in their time at Michaela, we also introduce pupils to the use of past, reasons, opinions, future, and subjunctive across the ability range so that there is no cramming when it comes to Year 11.

The work is the classroom is complemented by weekly homework and quizzes to encourage pupils to learn and revise key vocab and structures. This means our pupils become confident French speakers and language-learners by the time they are ready to take their GCSE.

N’ayez pas peur ! Il faut tout simplement se jeter à l’eau!

We teach proverbs, idioms, eye-catching expressions. We want our pupils to stand out from the crowd. And they really, really do. When you visit you’ll be amazed by their accents, their ability to break language down and build it up, their range of expression, their spoken and written accuracy. And we do this by completely rejecting MFL teaching orthodoxy.

If you are a parent and you really want your child to excel in French, in a way that no other school can offer, then Michaela is a clear winner. If you’re a teacher, tired of the games and pictures that yield so very little, you’ll be inspired and amazed by our methods and our pupils.

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