Mathematics A Level

Who is this suitable for?

You should study Maths if:

  • You get a buzz from solving mathematical and logical puzzles, like the UKMT.
  • You love Maths lessons.
  • You are really strong at working with fractions, algebra and surds.
  • You are not satisfied with simply knowing how to do things in Maths, rather you strive to always know why things work out the way they do.

What will I learn?

Michaela pupils will study the Edexcel A Level course, which has three main components: Pure, Statistics and Mechanics. The Pure Maths component focuses on deepening your understanding of Algebra and in particular its links with Geometry. You will also begin to learn about one of mankind’s greatest discoveries, Calculus. Although Pure Maths focuses on skills in a mostly abstract setting, skills such as Differentiation and Integration are necessary to pursue a wide range of subjects to the highest level.

The Statistics component will equip you with the tools needed to process, analyse and interpret data in a variety of forms. You will also learn new methods to calculate probabilities. The Mechanics component is the Maths of how things move and of modelling physical events mathematically.

How will I be assessed?

You will sit three two-hour papers at the end of Year 13:

  • Papers 1 and 2 cover the Pure content.
  • Paper 3 covers the Statistics and Mechanics content.

What other subjects go with Mathematics?

Students can study Maths with any subject they enjoy although studying Maths will support you in studying for other sciences, particularly Physics.

Where could it lead me?

Maths A Level is the most desired A Level amongst employers and universities. If you are considering studying a Science, Medicine, Economics or Engineering degree at a top university, many will not even consider your application if does not contain Maths A Level. It is a highly respected qualification both in the UK and abroad. A good grade in Maths A Level will open many doors for you in later life. Indeed, a recent study found that pupils with Maths A Level are on average earning 11% more at the age of 34 than those without.

Note: If you think you will want to study Maths at university, you will need to also study Further Maths at A level.

“Maths: The only place where someone flips a coin 100 times and nobody wonders why.”