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The Mathematics curriculum promotes mastery of the subject, studying topics for longer and in greater depth. This is supplemented by daily online homework (using Times Tables Rock Stars or Hegarty, depending on age and stage).

Pupils are given a minimum of six one-hour lessons a week, providing sufficient practice time for all to succeed in Maths. Pupils requiring more support have additional lessons to help them catch up, up to twelve hours a week.

Dani (2)

Ms Dani Quinn, Head of Mathematics

“Mathematics is powerful because it allows us to show things to be absolutely true, and not just a question of judgment or opinion. If you can reason mathematically, you can make discoveries about the world around you, and you can persuade others through a logical chain of reasoning. Whether it’s spotting patterns in ecosystems or encrypting credit card information, maths matters. Becoming good at maths is a lot like being a detective: taking what you know, looking for clues, reasoning logically, testing out ideas, and putting all of that together to solve problems. With a little work, you can find the answers to problems that at first seemed impossible. This sense of achievement is what makes maths so interesting and satisfying to study.”

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