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Year 7 and 8 pupils have two hours of Music lessons a week. Pupils gain a basic understanding of music in theory and practice, inspired by elements of the Kodaly method. Pupils learn rhythm and notation, as well as receive ear training.  We also sing a lot in our lessons, as we recognise the voice as the most accessible and universal instrument. Pupils enjoy singing a variety of songs, learn about each song’s meaning and history, how to sing expressively in a group, and become more confident performers over time. Finally, we are proud to introduce pupils to classical music. Pupils are introduced to key composers and works from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern era, and learn about all the different instruments in an orchestra.

As well as in the curriculum, music is embedded throughout Michaela. Important national and cultural songs are shared with the whole school in assemblies, making singing a part of everyday school life. Pupils have the opportunity to access high quality one-to-one instrumental lessons within school, working towards ABRSM qualifications. Many instrumentalists take part in solo or ensemble performances in termly assemblies. The school choir rehearses once a week after school and also perform in termly assemblies.

Mrs Stephanie Ting, Head of Music

“In Music, pupils can sing their hearts out, a joy we hope will stay with them for life. We also appreciate great music together. Pupils first assume they have never heard any classical music, but their eyes light up when they realise that they actually recognise the opening bars of Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. We learn to embrace wonderful music, some of it written over 200 years ago, that has stood the test of time and still captures hearts and souls today.”

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