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This is yet another example of how online bullying can seriously impact upon our children. At Michaela we’re not anti-technology, but we are very much pro sitting around a table, talking at length to our children, teaching them the right values and protecting them from harmful outside influences.

So, as ever, our message remains: let’s talk more, read more, discuss current affairs more, let’s help our children develop empowering habits, let’s actively teach them to manage their time and avoid procrastination.

Michaela pupils have long school days. They work hard every day and in every lesson. When they come home from school they’ll be brimming with all of the knowledge they’ve encountered across the curriculum. That’s why we urge every parent to talk at length with their children about what they’re learning, how they’re feeling and, maybe, where they could do with some extra support and help from you, their family.

And please, never accept just a shrug or a one word answer. We’ll never accept that in lessons and we need families to support our high standards by insisting upon courtesy at all times, full sentence responses and correct grammar.

Remember, we are preparing your children to compete with the very best of their generation. We need you to model the courtesy, the full articulate responses and the attention to detail that we will be modeling every single day in school.

A zero tolerance approach to bullying

03 Jul 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Cyber-bullying: Horror in the home

Every parent needs to read this very harrowing article. Every family needs to sit down and seriously discuss the issues of cyber-bullying with their children. You can’t ignore the potential of cyber-bullying. Cyber-bulling comes into your home – but only if you invite it.

At Michaela we have a zero tolerance approach to bullying, whether it be physical, verbal or on-line. We teach pupils to work hard and be kind. That’s what being at Michaela is all about. But we, as teachers, can only do so much. We need every single parent to be vigilant, we need every single parent to take their responsibility, in terms of preventing cyber-bullying, very seriously indeed.

Social networking can be addictive, massively time-consuming and, quite frankly, vicious. That’s why we insist that every single Michaela parent monitors their child’s use of the Internet very closely. No Michaela pupil should ever have more than two hours per day of screen time, be that TV, Internet, games consoles, texting or any form of social networking. It’s simply too easy to send a message or a photo in the heat of the moment that one might later regret.

By far the easiest way to keep your child safe, happy and free from bullying, is to restrict and monitor their screen time and to simply ban them from social networking sites. Rather than fritter time away on social networking, or playing computer games, encourage your child to take up a sport or other character-building pastime. And remember too our message at Michaela – ‘the more we read, the more we know.’

Through firm but fair discipline and a 100% ban on mobile phones we will keep your child safe at school but, to keep your child safe when s/he is not at school, every single parent must monitor their child’s Internet usage and texting. As the adults in their lives we need to protect them through clear parameters consistently applied – there is no other way. One day they’ll thank you for it.

Our advice is:

  • No child should have access to a Facebook account
  • Families must discuss, be vigilant, and if necessary, ban their children from using, social network sites.
  • Let’s encourage our children to have healthy hobbies, to read, to sit with us around the dinner table in discussion and to watch the news with us –  together as a family.
  • Let’s not allow our children to become isolated, obsessed by social networking, texting, computer games – activities that isolate and break the family connection.

Click here to view a short video that demonstrates what cyber-bullying is, and how you can deal with it.

As teachers, we’ll do our bit, but pupils, parents, teachers, we must work as a team.

Welcome to the Michaela Family!

25 Jun 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Michaela’s Headmistress, Katharine Birbalsingh, teachers, support staff and governors all thoroughly enjoyed meeting our Year 7s and their families at our recent Welcome Event.

Welcome Event

The turnout was phenomenal and it was a pleasure to meet so many parents who are as excited as we are about our focus on high academic achievement, strong family values and excellent manners and behaviour.

We made our expectations clear on uniform, haircuts and attendance and we underlined the importance of teachers, pupils and families working as a team to secure each child’s academic success.


Parent volunteers

30 May 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Several parents have asked about volunteering at Michaela. This kind of enthusiasm is what makes a truly great school.

One area where we’d love to get lots of parents involved, is our lunchtime supervision. Lunchtime at Michaela is unique. Children sit in ‘family groups’ serving each other and supporting each other. What we really want to develop are pupils’ conversation skills.

So parents willing to occasionally spend some time sitting and eating with the pupils, encouraging conversation, encouraging good manners and generally being great role models – please get in touch.

Many thanks,

Team Michaela

Join our team!

19 Apr 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Following the successful recruitment of exceptional teachers, we are now recruiting:

Senior Office Secretary
Junior Office Secretary

Find out more and apply here

Closing date for both posts: 12pm on Monday 28 April.

If you’re ready to work very hard and with 100% commitment, then we’d love to hear from you!

Do you have a child aged 3 or under?

19 Apr 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

The Michaela Community School Trust will be submitting a proposal to the Department for Education to set up a primary school in Brent. If approved, Michaela Primary would be a sister school for Michaela and would be established in or around Wembley Park in September 2015.

We need to show the Department for Education that Michaela Primary will be as popular as our secondary school.

If you have children aged 3 or under, please complete our online form, and please tell your friends to do the same!

Register your support here

Like our new Facebook page

Thank you. We’ll keep you updated!

Team Michaela

Michaela Primary – you can make it happen!

18 Apr 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

We are delighted to announce that the Trust will be submitting a proposal to the Department for Education to set up a primary school in Brent. If approved, Michaela Primary would be a sister school for Michaela and would be established in or around Wembley Park in September 2015.

Read about Michaela Primary here

We need you!
We are looking for a number of community members to get involved in the creation of this new school. If you have a professional background in areas such as primary education, finance, marketing, ICT, law or human resources, we’d love to hear from you.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help shape Michaela Primary from day one?

Please get in touch by emailing primary@mcsbrent.co.uk, or by leaving a message on 0845 257 5070.

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THANK YOU. Your support will help make our vision become a reality.

Team Michaela

Green light for Michaela

09 Apr 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

We recently met with senior representatives from the Department for Education (DfE) for a checkpoint meeting to monitor our progress.

Recent milestones achieved include the signing of our Funding Agreement, which has enabled us to make formal offers to children, sign contracts with our teachers and continue progressing towards opening in September.

We are delighted to report that all aspects of our planning are on track and, with the option of grading us red, amber or green, the DfE gave us green!

See our exceptional teachers

Read about our Funding Agreement

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Join our waiting list

02 Apr 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

There’s still a chance your child could be offered a place at Michaela.

It is normal practice in schools that some places can become available as people’s circumstances change and families relocate. It is therefore likely that some of our waiting list applicants will eventually be offered a place at Michaela. Applicants who join the waiting list now and live within a five mile radius of Arena House in Wembley Park have an equal chance of gaining a place as those children who are already on the waiting list. This is because there are several rounds of random allocation between now and September.

To be added to our Year 7 waiting list, please contact Brent School Admissions Service by phone on 020 8937 3110 or by email at school.admissions@brent.gov.uk.

You will need to contact Brent School Admissions Service to join our waiting list even if you live outside Brent.

The closing date for the next round of offers is 26th April, and any available places will be allocated on 30th April.

Our Welcome Event, when our first Year 7 pupils and their families will meet the teachers and find out about the great progress that has been made, is not planned until 15 June, so you won’t miss out!

Might any of your friends be interested in their child accessing an excellent education that prizes knowledge and tradition? Let them know that it’s not too late!

We are unable to add you to our waiting list as this is being handled by Brent School Admissions Service but if you would like to get in touch with us about our waiting list, please email us at waitinglist@mcsbrent.co.uk.

Michaela in the news!

31 Mar 2014, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Michaela’s Headmistress, Katharine Birbalsingh, talked to the Brent & Kilburn Times about how Michaela will bring a private school standard of education to Brent.

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