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The key to success – ‘grit’

20 Dec 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Children at Michaela will achieve great things through hard work and perseverance.

Watch this short video to see how ‘grit’ is a better indicator of success than factors such as IQ or family income:

The key to success






Michaela on ITV News

15 Dec 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

At Michaela, we will set and expect high standards of behaviour from all our pupils.

This week Michaela’s Headmistress Designate, Katharine Birbalsingh, spoke on ITV News in response to Ofsted’s annual report which identified a culture of ‘casual acceptance’ by teachers of ‘low-level disruption’ and poor attitudes to learning in England as being among a series of factors driving our country’s schools down the international education tables.

Michaela on ITV News 11.12.13

Michaela on ITV News 11.12.13









Teachers ‘tolerating misbehaviour’ in schools, warns Ofsted chief

View our brand new prospectus!

04 Dec 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

You can now discover even more about Michaela.

Take a look at our brand new prospectus and find out about:

  • why our school is called ‘Michaela’
  • our curriculum
  • how we will track your child’s progress
  • the extended school day
  • our strong family ethos
  • our reward system
  • pupil FAQs
  • learning support and EAL
  • our school building
  • admissions

Please click here to view our prospectus.

Michaela unveils new look for Arena House

24 Oct 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Families who attended Michaela’s recent open events were treated to a first look at our plans for Arena House. The building in North End Road, Wembley Park, which has been acquired by the Department for Education for exclusive use by Michaela, will be completely refurbished and refitted to accommodate the 840 place secondary free school (including a Sixth Form).

Ms Katharine Birbalsingh, Headmistress Designate, said: “Having spoken to dozens of families in the streets of Brent and at our open events, I am delighted to see that our unique state school is something these families are thrilled to find. We are incredibly excited by the interest and the enthusiasm from both children and parents.”

Artists impression, subject to further design development, Funding Agreement and planning approval. © 2013 Bond Bryan Architects.

Artists impression, subject to further design development, Funding Agreement and planning approval. © 2013 Bond Bryan Architects.

Artists impression

Do you live within 5 miles of the school?

06 Sep 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Do you live in the green area highlighted on the map below?

Our Admissions Policy includes random allocation so that all children living within a 5 mile radius of the school have an equal chance of gaining a place.

Find out how to apply for a Year 7 place at Michaela  here.

Supplementary consultation

30 Aug 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

Michaela Community School has undertaken a supplementary consultation on a proposed change to its admissions criteria for admissions in September 2014.

The only change to the previously proposed admissions policy is the removal of Banded Admissions Tests. The removal of Banded Admissions Tests responds to feedback from the school’s earlier consultation where a number of stakeholders expressed concerns about the proposed admissions policy.

Applicants for a place at Michaela Community School in September 2014 will be able to apply for a place through the Brent Council’s Co-Ordinated Admissions Scheme.  Applications can made between 1stSeptember and 31st October.

Full details on how to apply to the School will be found in Brent Council’s Admissions Booklet which will be made available in September 2013.

Details of Michaela Community School’s open events can be found on our website and on the 2014 Secondary School Admissions pages of Brent Council’s website.  The Council’s website will contain full details relating to all aspects of applying for a Secondary School place during the Admissions process in September 2013.  Please see the link below.


Our revised Admissions Policy can be found here.


Full house at our first Information Event

24 Jun 2013, Posted by website administrator in Latest News

info event

The Governors, steering group and proposed Headmistress of Michaela Community School were delighted to welcome many families and members of the local community to the school’s first Information Event, which was held at Brent Town Hall on Saturday 15th June.

There was standing room only as Katharine Birbalsingh, proposed Headmistress and Suella Fernandes, Chair of Governors, addressed the packed room. Their presentation ended with a loud round of applause as families were encouraged to make their way around the room to meet the Governors and find out more about various aspects of the school’s proposals, including the vision and ethos, curriculum, enrichment activities, admissions policy and uniform.

Suella, Chair of Governors, who was born and raised in Brent, said: “It was encouraging to meet such a large number of families at the event and we were pleased to share our exciting plans for Michaela Community School. The large number of attendees and incredibly positive feedback show that families want this traditional kind of education. We were even more delighted that many parents pledged to support the school by becoming Ambassadors, helping to spread the word and help this vision become a reality.”

She added: “Michaela will offer a completely different style of education, more aligned with the world’s leading private schools. A rigorous, traditional education comprising a highly academic curriculum, strong discipline, healthy competition and a longer school day including enrichment activities and homework sessions can now be accessed by children of all backgrounds, as there are no fees to pay. Our admissions policy includes random allocation so all children who live within a five mile radius of the site have an equal chance of gaining a place.”