Pupils’ Quotes
Michaela Community School, Wembley

At Michaela, we pride ourselves on helping children to be the very best. We regularly receive feedback from parents saying that since joining Michaela, their children are better behaved and are more diligent at home. We are delighted to see that our systems, that are designed to inculcate excellent habits, are having an effect on pupils both inside and outside of school. Even the ‘good’ pupils get better. Parents talk of children working harder than ever before, with ambitions to be things that they would never have dreamed of before.

Below are some heartfelt quotes directly from our pupils.



At primary school, I was shy.  I was scared to ask questions when I was stuck.  Michaela has made me more confident.

My biggest change is my knowledge and my memory.  In my primary school I used to learn something that went in one ear and out the other.

The teachers are fantastic at Michaela.  They are kind and always happy doing their job.  They give us merits and demerits. 

Demerits can lead to detention, but that’s a good thing because it shows us not to be impolite and shows us how to be kind and respectful.

In my primary school, I was quite sloppy.  I would give up most of the time

Girl pupil in Michaela Schoolbut now I’ve been asking a ton of questions and I’ve been thinking, memorising and then eventually succeeding.

I want to be a person everybody respects.  I want to be that person who works extremely hard.

Since starting Michaela, I feel smarter at every single subject.

In primary I always used to overreact when getting into trouble.  However, here at Michaela

I have learned to stay calm and respond with ‘Yes Sir’ or ‘Yes Miss’.

Since I left primary, I have become much kinder at helping pupils, teachers and even at home.

In primary, if I got into trouble or got a warning, I would back-chat or complain.  However, at Michaela I take responsibility for my mistakes.

“Michaela has changed me into the best person I can be.

When I was in primary, I was always late but Michaela developed me into a better student.

The people in Michaela are kind and polite.


The teachers here are kind and considerate.  They care about our future and want the best for us.

“Michaela has made me into a much kinder person.


I don’t mess around in class when the teacher is not looking.