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Science is taught in a carefully sequenced manner, ensuring that pupils build understanding, giving them the firm foundation they need to pursue further scientific study. Pupils are taught fundamental scientific principles. There are six one-hour Science lessons per week in KS3.

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Ms Olivia Dyer, Head of Science

“Science surrounds us. Everything we do and deal with in life is science – from frying an egg, kicking a football, understanding how the latest iPhone works and how a rainbow forms. In Year 7 at Michaela, you will learn the fundamentals of Science; cells and the body, astronomy and how the universe began, particle physics and the periodic table. Learning Science empowers us and opens doors to careers such as medicine, architecture, environmental research and engineering. Scientists are an important part of the future of our world. Without them we would not be able to cure illnesses and take care of the sick, predict the weather or earthquakes, understand global warming, or have many of the products that enhance our lifestyles today.”

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