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Shoes at Michaela School

School shoes should be black, flat and logo-free. Trainers, boots, including ankle boots, suede and logos are not allowed at school, nor are Kickers branded shoes. Shoes that are considered to be trainer-like in appearance are not allowed. As a general rule more than one Velcro fastener or the toe of the shoe styled in sections, as is very common with trainers, is unlikely to be acceptable. To avoid all confusion families should stick as closely as possible to the shoe styles shown on our website. The school has the final decision on what constitutes “trainer-like” shoes.

Clarks branded shoes are acceptable. The branding must, nevertheless, remain subtle. If in doubt please contact the school. We do accept patent leather or leather look shoes but we do not accept patterns or overly elaborate buckles or other embellishments. Families should always stick as closely as possible to the shoe designs shown on our website. If the school finds a shoe inappropriate for school the school’s decision is final.

Black trainers are the only colour of trainer which we accept for sport days. They should be all black with no logos, or logos which are black and very difficult to see. We want to discourage pupils feeling pressure to have expensive trainers, as well as ensuring pupils look smart in lessons even on sport days.

Below are some examples of appropriate shoes and sports trainers.

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IMG_2910 copy

IMG_2908 copy

Below are examples of acceptable trainers for sport.