Sixth Form Student Testimonies

“Applying to Michaela6th was probably the wisest decision I’ve ever made for my education. It was not only the promise of a high-quality education, but the promise of joining a community that will help me reach my full potential. Michaela6th is truly outstanding and its high standards will push you to your limits, but at the end it will all be worth it. Every student and teacher at Michaela6th has been so welcoming and eager to find out about my aspirations and interests. From my first weeks here, I was able to understand what education for every single student should look like. In the Michaela way, I have high expectations for myself and my dream is attend Merton College, Oxford to study Law with French.” – Paola, Y12

“At Michaela6th, you are surrounded by intellectuals. This means I am constantly learning outside lessons as well as inside. I am lucky to be surrounded by teachers who have been to Russell Group universities and have the experience to guide me on the same path. It is because of my teachers and the environment that I have the confidence to apply this year to Oxford to study PPE.” – Joseph, Y13

“I joined Michaela6th in Year 12 and can proudly say that I made the right choice. Everyone is so welcoming. And I noticed straight away that all the students were on the same page, striving to be the best. Adjusting was a bit of a struggle because I wasn’t used to the standards and expectations, but I soon understood that we are just learning the ways of professionalism and good etiquette. The biggest advantage of Michaela6th is the incredible teaching; at the start of A-levels, I was stressed about how I could manage to keep up, but our teachers are always looking for ways to help you understand and succeed.” – Aynaan, Y12

“It was instilled in me since day one of Year 7 at Michaela to work hard so I can be the best version of myself. When I got the grades for Michaela6th, I was so happy! Starting sixth form was not as scary as I had anticipated. I met lots of new people who have become really close friends. Adjusting to A-level (it is much harder than GCSE!) is always tricky, but with the help of the teachers and the other students it isn’t too daunting. My favourite memories have been the trips we have been on. I hope to gain the best grades I can so I can go to an excellent university and use the knowledge and experience I have gained at Michaela6th.” – Jada, Y13

“Michaela6th has been an amazing experience because it has opened so many doors for me, and allowed me to explore the different parts of the subjects I love. This has been made possible by the supportive and enthusiastic teachers who have helped me along the way. All the guidance has helped me grow as a student and as a person; I have become more independent and better prepared for life after school. I plan on getting three A* grades at A-level and going to Oxford to study Maths.” – Kavit, Y13

“Before applying for Michaela6th, I visited quite a few other sixth forms. I wanted to be sure that I made the right decision about my future. I knew that high standards in conduct and work are strongly emphasised at Michaela, but I guess I hadn’t fully appreciated the difference between here and other schools, even well-known and established schools. The difference was remarkable! I’m so relieved to be in an environment that fully supports academic excellence and allows me to strive to fulfil my potential. We are used to excellence. Teachers are supportive, professional and encouraging and other Sixth Formers are like-minded, friendly, mature and talented. What I would advise others is that if you are serious about your academic future, there’s no question, you must choose Michaela6th!” – Rayyan, Y12

“I chose to come to Michaela6th because, having been at Michaela since Year 7, I know I would be fully supported. I knew that I would only ever have to worry about how much effort I put into my A-levels, not whether I would be taught well or have what I needed to succeed. I knew that I would always be encouraged to reach my full potential. I found that being in a space with like-minded and ambitious people really helped me work harder. What I love most about Michaela6th is that there is a strong sense of working towards your goals together – your peers and teachers are always willing to help in any way they can. I hope to get three A*s at A-level and study Theology and Philosophy at Cambridge or at an Ivy League school in America.” – Amrutha, Y13

“As a student who has been in Michaela for five years, I can tell you, there is no better place… anywhere! When applying to different sixth forms I knew I wanted to come Michaela6th right from the start. The work ethic and the standards they hold us to are at an unashamedly high level that you won’t find anywhere else. The atmosphere created by the other students and teachers is fantastic and makes you feel at home amongst your classmates. My favourite thing about Michaela6th is the lessons; the teachers and students all give 100%. You are supported to work hard and get to those Russell Group universities, those dream jobs and those amazing careers.” – Hayder, Y12

“Michaela6th is not for average people! It is for hard-working, professional, dedicated students who want to strive and be the leaders of the future. Yes, it was a challenge settling in, but when you do it’s worth every bit of effort! We have excellent lessons, packed with interesting knowledge, taught by enthusiastic teachers every day. Everyone looks after one another. To celebrate our hard work, we have reward events with films and snacks. Michaela6th not only pushes you to become a better, more organised person, but helps you to get to the best universities in the world! Along with learning lots, I hope to get the best grades and get to Oxford or Cambridge.” – Hanaa, Y12

“At Michaela Sixth Form, not only do we learn how to get all the marks in our A-level exams, but we also learn to love our subjects and practice those life-long skills and qualities that makes us stand out. I am currently in Year 13 doing A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Economics, and I hope to achieve four A*s, so I can study Computer Science at top universities such as Oxford or Imperial College London. What I most love about Michaela6th is that the teachers are always very supportive of you and willing to find time in their busy schedules to help you, whether you are struggling with a subject or just need someone to talk to. In Year 11, when you are focussing on getting the best GCSE results you can get, you probably don’t realise just how important Sixth Form is, but the two years spent at Michaela6th have a profound impact on everyone who comes here. If you really care about your future and are enthralled by the idea of learning the subjects you choose at A-level, Michaela Sixth Form is the place for you.” – Daniel, Y13

“Although in the lower years of Michaela the expectations were high, there was still a drastic shift in the workload and expectations when I came to Michaela6th. However, after a short while, I was able to develop a schedule that allows me to complete the work to a high standard whilst still doing extra work outside of school. One of the greatest pleasures of being at Michaela6th is the way that teachers treat you – as an adult but still with the highest expectations. The teaching is exceptional: all the teachers are masters of their fields whether in mathematics or French, which means we receive the best education. Like all other A-level students, I hope to achieve A*s in my subjects but also develop a love and deep understanding for the subjects that I want study at university, Maths and Physics.” – Karrar, Y12