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Support Staff

Ms Squire
Office Manager

Ms Squire graduated from Swansea University with a degree in German. She taught English to secondary school pupils in both Germany and Thailand before moving to London. Ms Squire worked as a Secretary and PA it an independent school for over 4 years before joining Michaela in December. She is experienced in pastoral care and many different school systems and has a keen interest in travel.

Ms Khatri
Headmistress’ PA

Ms Khatri previously enjoyed a successful career within finance before moving back to London. She took a career change after her children were born and has gained experience in school administration, pastoral care and mentoring. Ms Khatri has previously worked as an Executive Assistant for over 3 years before joining Michaela in September. She has a passion for baking, enjoys theatre and travel. She believes you will learn something new every day just by listening!


Ms Fearnley
Assistant Office Manager

Ms Fearnley studied Mathematics at Queen Mary, University of London. Passionate about exemplary customer service, she spent her early career within professional services before transitioning to the Education sector. Having been elected Head Girl at Secondary School and coming from a family of teachers, Ms Fearnley firmly believes in the gift of a good education. Outside of School, Ms Fearnley enjoys playing Badminton (having represented Hampshire County) as well as exploring new places.

Ms Lilly
Logistics Manager

Ms Lilly graduated with a Master’s degree in Anthropology from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Whilst at University she focused on the education system in Northern Ireland and it’s role in conflict resolution and integration. She strongly believes that school is where the most change can be affected in society and on individual lives.

In her spare time she enjoys her dog, horse riding, reading, and wild swimming!

Ms Pendergast
Post 16 Co-ordinator

Ms Pendergast graduated from Brunel University with a degree in English. She has dedicated much of her time to the development of literacy skills in children and young people ranging from early years to secondary school level. Experienced in pastoral care, learning support and mentoring, she is making the move into an administrative role, allowing her to gain a deeper insight into the running of a school system. Ms Pendergast is passionate about educational equality and social mobility, believing that every child deserves a chance to succeed. With a creative streak and a flair for writing, she enjoys creating content for her blog and scrapbooking in her spare time.



Ms Yusuf

Miss Yusuf graduated with a first class degree from the University of Hertfordshire’s school of education. She has a keen interest in workings of the education sector and the difference that classroom and school structures have on student attainment. Miss Yusuf is an avid traveller who has visited all the continents (expect Antarctica) and hopes to visit every country in the world.


Ms Vudathu
Science Technician

Ms Vudathu completed her Bachelors in Science at Andhra University, India. Ms Vudathu’s love for children inspired her to do lot of voluntary work as a Parent Staff Association Chairperson and as a Parent Governor at two schools in London. Ms Vudathu believes in hard work and leading by inspiration. Her contribution to the schools where she worked as Chairperson and Parent Governor are widely acknowledged and her ideas were implemented successfully. Ms Vudathu loves travelling and has lived and experienced life in Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, France, USA and many other countries. Her international exposure coupled with her love for children allows her to support the kids in the best possible way.

Mr Davies
Detention Director

Mr Davies graduated from Huddersfield University with a degree in politics and contemporary history, having a particular interest in the political history of Britain and the far east.  A keen sportsman in his youth, Mr Davies played rugby to a high level and believes that self-motivation and discipline are key to team success. He has since worked in a number of administrative and service roles, where the skills he learned on the pitch have allowed him to flourish. He is active in the community, volunteering as chair of his local Patient Participation Group and maintaining an avid interest in local, national and international politics.

Ms Boldan
Caretaker & Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs Boldan completed her degree in Psychology in Romania. Since moving to London, she has enjoyed working in supervisory roles prior to joining Michaela. Mrs Boldan strongly believes that children should be provided with a functional, safe environment in which to learn and as such takes pride in ensuring that Michaela and its grounds are maintained to the highest standard. Outside of School, Mrs Boldan enjoys spending time with her family and widening her horizons by travelling internationally. Mrs Boldan believes the harder you work, the more luck you have.

Mr Patel

Mr Patel graduated in commerce in India in 2001. He then came to London where he finished his post graduate course and has a background working within the Education sector. He has previously worked at JFS school as caretaker and cleaning supervisor. Mr Patel is a keen learner and enjoys developing both new and existing skills. He enjoys cricket and spending time with friends, and is proud to be a part of the Michaela team.


JPL Catering are delighted to be working with Michaela Community School. We offer a catering solution delivered with passion and expertise.

We acknowledge that a healthy and balanced diet, rich in nutrients, is highly important to the development and learning of each pupil. Therefore our menus are created weekly by our Execute Chef, Edson Lopes Junior, who aims to reflect the freshness and diversity in nutrients at each meal to inspire curiosity and excitement in the pupils and staff alike.

Our innovative lunch model has also been covered by the Guardian.

Mr Hopwood
Head Chef