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Michaela has a strict uniform policy and pupils are expected to wear their uniform with pride. Parents are also expected to uphold our uniform policy and ensure their children attend school neatly turned out and in full uniform.

 We expect shoes to be polished at least once per week. We expect pupils to wear a clean shirt every day. Similarly, we expect sports kit to be washed every time it is worn. Children should shower daily and use deodorant as appropriate. They should also change their underwear daily.  These points might seem obvious to you. Nevertheless, some children have poor hygiene and this is embarrassing for them.

We will only allow skirts, trousers, jumpers, blazers and ties and the Michaela sports kit purchased through our supplier. Our supplier also offers shirts, a coat and scarf. It is not compulsory for parents to purchase these items through our supplier.

Uniform & Appearance

If a pupil breaks any of the conditions set out in the school uniform and appearance policy they will be sent home or placed in isolation immediately.

Shoes at Michaela School

School shoes should be black, flat and logo-free. Trainers, boots, including ankle boots, suede and logos are not allowed at school, nor are Kickers branded shoes. Shoes that are considered to be trainer-like in appearance are not allowed. As a general rule more than one Velcro fastener or the toe of the shoe styled in sections, as is very common with trainers, is unlikely to be acceptable. To avoid all confusion families should stick as closely as possible to the shoe styles shown on our website. The school has the final decision on what constitutes “trainer-like” shoes.

Clarks branded shoes are acceptable. The branding must, nevertheless, remain subtle. If in doubt please contact the school. We do accept patent leather or leather look shoes but we do not accept patterns or overly elaborate buckles or other embellishments. Families should always stick as closely as possible to the shoe designs shown on our website. If the school finds a shoe inappropriate for school the school’s decision is final.

Black trainers are the only colour of trainer which we accept for sport days. They should be all black with no logos, or logos which are black and very difficult to see. We want to discourage pupils feeling pressure to have expensive trainers, as well as ensuring pupils look smart in lessons even on sport days.

Click here to see some examples of appropriate shoes.

Trousers and Skirts

Michaela trousers and skirts can only be purchased from our school uniform supplier. There is only one style of skirt. Skirts are to be worn to the knee, no longer or shorter. There is no ankle length skirt option at Michaela. Girls may wear the knee-length Michaela skirt or the Michaela trousers.

We insist on trousers and skirts purchased from our supplier because, otherwise, a wide range of unacceptable styles start to creep.


Belts must abide by our uniform policy just as shoes, shirts and trousers do. Michaela trousers come with a belt included. This belt is a perfect example of an acceptable Michaela belt and we highly recommend that pupils stick with this supplied option. If a pupil wears a different kind of belt, they must be in line with our policy.

Belts must:

  •  Be Black.
  • Be leather (or leather effect).
  • Have a small, professional buckle.
  • Have no obvious branding.

Please click here to see examples of what is and is not acceptable.


Headscarves must also abide by our uniform policy. There are three key principles to making sure our headscarves look professional:

  • Headscarves must be black or dark blue.
  • Pins or clips must be small, dark in colour and professional looking.
  • Material must not be too long at the front or the back so as to obscure the uniform or look unprofessional. At the front, headscarves material must not go below the V-neck of a jumper or equivalent.

Please click here to see examples of what is and is not acceptable.

Glasses, Hats, Gloves, Coats, Bags, and other Accessories

None of these items should be branded. Branded hats, gloves and scarves will be confiscated. Logos on glasses must unnoticeable, discreet and professional. Glasses should be subtle and understated in their style. Garish colours or patterns must be avoided. Black, navy blue or dark grey glasses frames are a safe choice. Lurid greens or reds or electric blue would be unacceptable choices. The school has the final decision on whether a style of glasses is acceptable.

Coats should be black, navy blue or dark grey. Coats should not be in shiny material. No fur-like trims are now allowed on any garments worn for school. Subtle understated styles and materials are required. Suede or leather coats and jackets are not acceptable. Green, light grey, patterns and logos are not acceptable. Pupils are not allowed to wear any branded products for school. The more subtle the style of the coat the better. There is a Michaela coat which may be purchased from our uniform supplier. We would strongly recommend this coat to families. The school’s decision is final as to what is appropriate for school. Families are welcome to send photographs of items prior to purchase. In this way we can advise families without them incurring any cost.

Gloves, scarves and hats should be plain, black, dark grey or navy blue. They should not be patterned.  Face-warmers and balaclavas are not allowed. We would advise that your child keeps warm using their scarf and hat.  A school scarf is available from our supplier. If pupils come to school with gloves, or other accessories, featuring logos or patterns these items will be confiscated. Families can easily avoid this by ensuring their child never wears logos, inappropriate colours or patterned items to school. Sports gloves are not to be worn for school other than in sports lessons.

All pupils must purchase the standard Michaela backpack. The card insert with this bag should be completed with the pupil’s full initials. This should be done in large letters using a thick permanent marker. Families should also place a further card inside the bag with their child’s full name on it. It is the responsibility of pupils to look after their property and not to leave it unattended. Pupils must take special care when collecting coats and bags at the end of the day. It is easy to mix items up if they have not been labelled properly. Pupils must look for their name on all items.


All items of uniform and sports kit must be clearly labelled with the pupil’s full first name plus the initial letter of their surname. We are able to provide sew-on and iron-on labels. Alternatively, a black permanent marker pen could be used for this purpose on some items. Names should be large and clear. Families must also purchase a Michaela water bottle and ensure that this is labelled. It the responsibility of families to ensure that all belongings are labelled. It is the responsibility of pupils to look after their property and not to leave it unattended.


When hanging items up in school pupils should ensure that they keep any valuables, such as keys, Oyster card, cash or phones, on their person. We would, however, advise that pupils should not bring phones to school at all. If a phone is seen or heard it will be confiscated. If a phone falls out of a pocket or bag accidentally it will still be confiscated. If a phone goes off accidentally it will still be confiscated. We would urge families not to buy a phone for their child at all. Smart phones featuring internet access are to be avoided at all costs. Unrestricted internet access can lead to bullying and other forms of anti-social behaviour. Unrestricted internet access wastes huge amount of children’s time.

Hair Styles and Facial Hair

Hair must be in be in a conventional style. Examples of unacceptable styles for both boys and girls include: patterns shaved into a pupil’s hair or eyebrows, Mohicans and hair dyed unnatural colours. Boys’ hair must no longer than collar length.

Hair styles that grow out instead of down, and therefore do not touch the collar, must look professional. Hair should not be teased, backcombed or be covered in excessive product.

The following are unacceptable: high fashion flamboyant hair styles, styles that block the view of others in any way, hair that hides the face, heavy floppy styles, extensions that are flamboyant or in unnatural colours.

Boys often go for a high top style where the sides are shaven and the top is much longer. They often go for squared off styles. They sometimes go for styles with a multitude of lengths and layers. They sometimes go for heavy, floppy styles or large quiffs. These are all high fashion styles that are not allowed. The top must be kept reasonably short and the difference in length between the top and the sides should not be in sharp contrast. Styles need to be faded in very gradually. Shaven sides and back cannot be topped with a sharply contrasting, noticeably longer, cut on the top of the head.

Girls sometimes attempt to add unacceptable extensions that are flamboyant and inappropriate for school. The school’s decision is final as to what is acceptable. As a general rule we want hairstyles to be very understated. We do not accept styles where buns or pony tails are on the top of a girl’s head. This restricts the view of other pupils in class. Similarly large bunches are not allowed for the same reason. When at school styles should be simple and not distract others.

Hair bands or slides should be completely plain in navy blue or black. Bows, flowers or other adornments are not permitted.

Parents should not allow their child to go to the hairdresser’s or barber’s unaccompanied. Hairdressers and barbers can be prone to give a style that they think is acceptable for the school but which is not acceptable for Michaela.

The school will insist that hair is restyled if it fails to meet school standards. In such a case the pupil in question will be placed in isolation until the issue is rectified to the school’s satisfaction.

If a pupil attends school with a pattern shaved into their eyebrow, they will be banned from attending school until it grows back fully or we will insist that the entire eyebrow is shaved off. No patterns may be shaved into hair. This includes the creation of an artificial parting.

We can’t list every possible variation in hair style. This is merely a guide. If you have a doubt as to a style’s acceptability then the style is probably not acceptable. Please do contact us to make sure.

Click here to see examples of unacceptable haircuts for boys

Boys must also be clean shaven. Some boys as young as eleven may need to start shaving. We do not allow facial hair at school. We do not enter into discussion on this point. If your son has been told to shave he must shave without delay.


Pupils in Year 7 to 11 must not wear ANY make-up whatsoever. If found to be wearing make-up of any description pupils will be asked to remove it immediately. Failure to do so will result in immediate isolation.  Nail varnish of any description, nail extensions and henna decorations are also forbidden. Pupils must not use tinted Vaseline on their lips or any other coloured products on their skin.


Michaela operates a strict no jewellery policy for both boys and girls. To clarify:

  •  No earrings or ear studs of any sort
  • No piercings of any sort anywhere
  • no bracelets
  • no rings
  • no necklaces or chains

If a pupil is wearing any form of jewellery s/he will be obliged to remove it immediately. The item(s) will be held in the school safe and will be returned at the end of the term or half term.Should a child have any piercings during term time the school will NOT allow any form of stud to be worn in school during the school day. There will be NO exceptions to this rule.

We do allow watches, which should be plain and functional. Oversized fashion watches, watches in garish colours and watches as jewellery are not acceptable. The final decision is left to the discretion of the school.

Click here to see some examples of appropriate watches.


If any item is confiscated within the last two weeks of a half term it will not be returned until the end of the following half term. This applies in all three school terms and means confiscated items are held over school holiday periods. This can mean a confiscation period of up to sixteen weeks.

Michaela Uniform & Sports Kit in Detail

Items marked with an asterisk* (items 1 to 5) must be purchased through schooluniformdirect.co.uk

Girls Boys
1.    Navy blue school blazer with badge*
2.    School tie*
3.    Standard charcoal school jumper*
4.    Standard navy skirt with gold piping or standard charcoal trousers*
5.    Standard navy bag with school logo*
6.    Dark coloured coat without logos/ patterns, no denim/leather
7.    Standard Michaela logo free coat recommended*
8.    White collared shirt
9.    Plain charcoal, navy or black tights or socks
10. Plain black flat shoes (no trainers, no boots, no logos)
11. Plain dark gloves without logos
12. Plain dark scarf without logos
13. Plain dark hat without logos

1.    Navy blue school blazer with badge*
2.    School tie*
3.    Standard charcoal school jumper*
4.    Standard charcoal trousers*
5.    Standard navy bag with school logo*
6.    Dark coloured coat without logos/ patterns, no denim/leather
7.    Standard Michaela logo free coat recommended*
8.    White collared shirt
9.    Plain charcoal, navy or black socks

10. Plain black flat shoes (no trainers, no boots, no logos)
11. Plain dark gloves without logos
12. Plain scarf without logos
13. Plain hat without logos

Michaela PE Kit

All items marked with an asterisk* (items 1 to 4) must be purchased through schooluniformdirect.co.uk.

Girls Boys
1. Sports top with school logo*
2. Michaela navy PE shorts or plain navy PE skort (shorts/skirt combo)*
3. Football socks*
4. Plain navy sports fleece *
5. Plain navy PE bottoms, full length*
6. Plain navy PE long-sleeved base layer
7. Training shoes suitable for in and outdoor use. These must be black . We do accept logos on trainers. Please choose a style with a small, subtle logo. These must NOT have spikes.

1.    Sports top with school logo*
2.    Michaela navy PE shorts
3.    Football socks*
4.    Plain navy sports fleece*
5.    Plain navy PE bottoms, full length*
6.    Plain navy PE long-sleeved base layer
7.    Training shoes suitable for in and outdoor use. These must be black . We do accept logos on trainers. Please choose a style with a small, subtle logo. These must NOT have spikes.

Example of acceptable trainers for sport.

Pupils come into school on sport days in full sport uniform. This includes navy tracksuit bottoms. Pupils may wear shorts underneath these. Any pupil coming to school without tracksuit bottoms will not be permitted to attend lessons.

Religious Observance

Michaela does not have a prayer room and there is no prayer allowed on site.

Uniform exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Headmistress, but only where this is required as a matter of sincere religious observance and where this can be substantiated by a letter from the leader of the relevant religious community. The school’s decision is final. Families should contact the school in advance with any requests in relation to religious observance.

Non-compliance with School Uniform and Consequences

Non-compliance with regard to uniform is a breach of school rules. There are a range of consequences which can be issued, as appropriate:

  • Confiscations of inappropriate items(s)
  • Having to go home to get changed or clothes to be brought in by parent / carer
  • Having to wash off make-up
  • Having to remove nail varnish
  • Not being allowed to take part in an extra-curricular activity or event
  • Isolation
  • Detention

We will contact home whenever there is a problem with uniform. However we would urge parents to get in touch with the school before proceeding with any purchases which may not comply with school rules. Families should contact the school if in any doubt whatsoever regarding uniform and appearance.

Please see the photos provided on our site. If in doubt please send us a photo so we can offer further guidance before you go to any unnecessary expense.

Our supplier can be contacted at www.schooluniformdirect.co.uk and is able to offer a variety of delivery options.

Purchasing the Michaela Uniform and Sports Kit

Uniform should be ordered through School Uniform Direct. You may order on-line for home-delivery or go direct to School Uniform Direct’s Fulham Store (nearest tube: West Brompton, District Line).


Fulham Branch
343 North End Road

Tel: 020 7610 0551 or 020 8646 4777

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Fri: Closed
Saturday: 9:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Bank Holidays: Generally closed