“Culture is to know the best that has been said and thought” – Matthew Arnold

At Michaela, we believe all pupils, whatever their background, have a right to access the best that has been said and thought. This includes a variety of writers, from all parts of the world, and thinkers from all the ages. The curriculum ensures that pupils are knowledgeable enough about the world around them to transform it in the future.

The education provided at Michaela is broadly traditional and academically rigorous.  We expect our pupils to be polite and obedient.  We encourage competition and allow our pupils to win and lose.  We believe that knowledge about the world is central to our pupils’ success.  Only when they have acquired this knowledge will they be ready to lead and participate as full citizens.

Pupils are taught the background and context of what they are learning so that they can understand and make connections easily.  History is taught chronologically so that pupils are able to grasp the key facts and have a strong understanding of the subject.

Pupils should know how well they are doing, both in relation to themselves and to others.  Pupils sit biannual exams, in January and in June. They have weekly quizzes in all subjects. Assessment at Michaela is open and meaningful.

Michaela is unique. Pupils work hard and are kind to each other. Guests visit the school and are very impressed by the maturity, kindness and motivation displayed by Michaela pupils. To understand just how different Michaela is, a visit to the school to eat lunch with the pupils is strongly encouraged.

We take pride in being one of the only schools in the country that is open to the public at any time, and encourages guests to dine with the children.