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Michaela Community School, Wembley

Visit us!

Arranging a visit to Michaela

We are delighted that you would like to visit Michaela. We get lots of visitors every day, and we love having you. But as you can imagine, it is difficult to administer this. It also costs the school. On top of your lunch that costs £2.50, we have to spend in excess of £15,000 per year on administrative costs to accommodate our visitors.

We need your help!

We kindly ask that in order to visit the school you make a donation to cover your lunch and administrative costs. We will use your donation to keep the school open to visitors. Budgets at schools are tight and we want to continue to keep Michaela open for all to see. Donations tend to range from £5 to £50 per person.

Please click here to make your donation.

We are very grateful for your interest and support. Your generosity allows us to continue to spread the word about what we do.

There are two sittings at lunch. Visitors who arrive in the late morning, have their tour first and then eat at 12:10. Others may arrive at 12:15, giving them the chance to talk to staff in the playground until 12:35pm when they have lunch with the children, followed by a tour at 13:00.

We have received a high volume of visit requests over the Christmas holidays. If you submitted a visit request on or after Friday 13th December, please expect to receive a response after Monday 13th January. Thank you in advance for your patience!


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