What Makes Michaela Different?

Our Results are extraordinary.

Michaela’s last Progress 8 score placed us 5th best school in the country.

Our last Progress 8 score for Maths placed us at the very top of the country.

More than 90% of our children receive passes in English and Maths GCSEs and more than
half of our last GCSE exam papers were awarded a grade 7 or above. This means they were
graded A or A*.

Our Sixth Form sent its first cohort off to university last summer, with 82% of them securing
a place at a Russell Group university, including Oxbridge, LSE and Imperial. Students were
accepted on to a wide variety of courses including Medicine.

Our teaching is outstanding. Why?

Because our teachers lead the learning. Our desks are in rows and the teacher stands at the
front of the class and leads the children to new and exciting destinations. This requires
sharp explanations, checking for understanding, and a belief that the teacher is the
authority in the classroom.

We do not have grouped desks where children are facing each other, or where children are
leading the learning while the teacher is more a facilitator of learning.

This means that learning time is not wasted at Michaela. The learning is driven by the
teacher and the pupils are able to access difficult concepts with ease.

We have high expectations of behaviour. Why?

Because without excellent discipline, learning cannot take place. Pupils at Michaela feel they
are treated fairly and justly. Thanks to our high expectations, it means that learning can

Visit any classroom at Michaela and you will see hands sky high, eager to answer the
teacher’s questions with pupil engagement at its very best.

Children are polite and helpful, with a genuine interest in helping their peers. This can only
happen in an environment that expects the very best of them.

We teach kindness and gratitude. Why?

Our motto is Work Hard, Be Kind. We value kindness at Michaela and expect the children to
be kind. This involves encouraging children to be helpful to their classmates and then to be
grateful to each other and to their families.​

Once a child joins Michaela, families comment on how their children’s characters change for
the better, even at home.

At Michaela, children don’t just learn a lot, they become better people.